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Real Estate lawyer in Toronto

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto - Real Estate Transactions

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Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto

Welcome to -  Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto in Downtown .  Our boutique Law office is recognized for its excellence in providing legal services in residential and commercial real estate transactions providing the utmost care to our clients.  We take great pride in high quality, and efficient legal services at reasonable real estate lawyer fees. Our clients get results with their purchase and sale transactions on a timely and cost effective basis, and we are easy to get along with and will go the extra mile for you. We strongly believe in creating a healthy and beneficial relations with our clients so they can always feel comfortable when they visit our office and using legal our services. 

Have you found the house of your dreams? Good, we are here to help!   Considering that purchasing your future home in Toronto is the single biggest investment you will ever make, it is imperative to hire an experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto when buying or selling your home.   Although a real estate closing may seem like a simple routine transaction, they are often highly complex matters outside of the scope of a non-professional’s knowledge.  Eran Gevantschniter a professional Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario and will work with you and make sure that the purchase of your home dreams or the  selling  of your home ends up being a  successful experience from start to end of the transaction.  We strive to make your home purchase a hassle-free process, so that you can enjoy this important step in your life.  We worked on many transactions and with our experience you can be rest assured that your file will be in good hands especially with an experienced real estate lawyer such as Eran Gevantschniter. 

Work With An Experienced Toronto Real Estate Lawyer

Eran Gevantschniter a Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto has a sophisticated understanding of the Ontario, Toronto and the GTA  closing process, from the beginning with the initial phase of the transaction and ending with the closing.   By getting involved in the process at the very beginning, our clients are best served as these early steps provide the framework for everything that follows. We have the experience and resources to make sure that your dreams of owning a home are fulfilled.

Here is an overview of some of the functions of a real estate lawyer in Toronto in closing process.

Preparing and Reviewing Closing Documents

A residential Toronto real estate closing involves signing many documents, including but not limited to:

· Acknowledgment and Direction Transfer / Title Deed

· Acknowledgment and Direction Charge / Mortgage 

· Purchasers closing documents

· Sellers closing documents

· Title Insurance Policy

· Applicable Declarations

· Warranty / Bill of Sale / HST 

· Tax Certificates 

· HST Rebates

· Acknowledgement of Reports

· Mortgages

· Various Directions

· And many more

Eran Gevantschniter  Toronto Real Estate Lawyer can review, prepare, and explain all necessary documents related to your closing in order to make sure transaction run smoothly with an excellent results.

Coordinating with Real Estate Professionals

A residential real estate closing involves numerous parties, including:

· The buyer

· The seller

· Their Lawyers

· Real estate brokers

- Mortgage Brokers

· Home inspectors

· Lenders

· Appraisers

· Condominium Management Company 

· And more 

Coordinating with all of these different parties can be difficult.  It is important that your real estate lawyer in Toronto is able to communicate effectively with all of these professionals in order to ensure that your closing moves quickly and smoothly.

Closing Day - Ownership Day - Keys Day - Exchange of Documents Day - Real Estate Lawyer Day

In Toronto, Ontario real estate closing transactions are traditionally done by exchanging closing documents, funds and key(s) between the buyer's lawyer and the seller's lawyer. Once this exchange done successfully then registration of the transfer/deed and if required the mortgage follows. In general, upon completion of the registration of these documents then the seller's lawyer can release the funds to his client and pay off the existing mortgage if required and the purchaser's lawyer can release the keys to his client. There are other duties and obligations that both lawyers needs to perform on closing as it depends on the nature of the transaction but for simplicity in general this is the process on resales transactions.

We provide services in Real Estate Transactions with over fifteen years of experience.  Our services range from Refinancing Your Home,  Selling your Home,  Buying your Home, Title Insurance,  Buying Commercial Property, Assignments,  Selling your Commercial Property, Private Mortgages, Buying a new property and any other related matter concerning Real Estate Law.   Please visit our real estate page for more information.  We can also assist should you have title issue regarding your property.    

We also provide services in other Fields of Law ranging from Commercial Corporate Law, Estate Law, Civil Litigation and Notarization of Documents.  For detailed description of our services please visit our practice area description page. 

We located in downtown Toronto at the Eaton Centre and servicing clients all over the GTA and Ontario.  We aid overseas clients with exceptional results.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss any legal issue that you may have.  Appointments can be made to suit your convenience at different locations. 

With more than 15 years of experience the Law Office of Eran Gevantschniter is a one-stop shop for all of your legal needs. From general practice and real estate, we have you covered. We represent a wide variety of clients, from individuals to corporations. Approaching each case with our full attention and dedication, we aim to protect your interests and exceed your expectations. real estate lawyer in Toronto. 

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto
Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

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